Why Working From Home Can Be Good For You


When one decides to work from home, they feel rather lost. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by either the variety of job opportunities or the lack of them.

The key to succeeding is finding a job that pays well and at the same time provides the necessary motivation to keep you going. The key to success when you work from home is to stay motivated, but the question is: how?

How To Keep Motivation High When Working From Home?

  1. Know your worth: It is not uncommon to be rejected simply because you cannot do an in-house job. Rejections based on this are not a measure of you worth.

    Regardless of how you get treated, it is most important to know what your work is worth. It is absolutely essential to know the value of yourself and your work.

    Working for low rates or allowing yourself to be exploited simply because of your preference to work from home is never okay. Always do what you are good at and maintain a good opinion about yourself.

  2. Be willing to learn: As much as it is important to know your worth, it is also important to not overestimate the value of your work. If an employer is respectfully giving you negative feedback, don’t take it personal.

    It is your duty to take what you can from it and be even more motivated to learn and do better. A bad review is not a reason to stop working, but a reason to start working harder.

  3. Timing: Set your work schedule and follow it as much as you can. Do not allow an employer to exploit you or get you to overwork simply because you are working from home.

    Having a difference in time zone is normal and accommodating yourself to your employer’s time zone is a practice that can help you go a long way. Set your schedule in a way that suits both you and your employers.

    As much as it is important to be available to your employers, it also important to set a work time and an off time schedule, and adhere to it.

  4. Testimonials: There is nothing that brings in more business and encourages you like testimonials. A testimonial essentially is an employer’s review about your skills, your work ethics and your performance.

    It not only works wonders by impressing potential clients but also makes you feel appreciated, and therefore, motivated. It is a good practice to ask your clients for testimonials once you’ve done their work.

  5. Showcase work: Have a portfolio that you can show proudly. Make a record of all your outstanding work and clientele. Nothing motives like an impressed potential client!


Nothing in life comes easy; working from home is, to certain extent, much more difficult than working from an office environment. Things do not go your way; you meet employers who only want to exploit your situation.

At the same time, it is important to know that you will be learning from it. In order to stay motivated, it is essential to put your best foot forward and if that is not enough, then keep trying until it is!